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Mondragon Seminar and Tour

Mondragon, Spain Otalora Educational Center Mondragon Group Photo 2010

2024 Seminar/Tour Dates:  OCTOBER 6 - 12, 202

Important: This will be Praxis Peace Institute's last week-long seminar/tour at the Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain.

Due to policy changes at the Mondragon Cooperatives, multi-day seminars are ending at the close of 2024. This is your last chance to experience our in-depth seminar and tour and we expect this one to sell out early. Register today with an $800 deposit and secure your space:

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The Ethics and Values of Mondragon and the Basque Culture by Georgia Kelly
http://www.praxispeace.org/MONDRAGON PAPER.pdf

Highlights from the Mondragón Seminar. FREE video link on Praxis YouTube site:

Join us for an inspiring week and learn about the largest and most successful consortium of cooperatives in the world. Mondragón has proven that another economic world is possible, and that worker ownership is a practical and ethical alternative to business as usual. We study not only their democratic business practices but also the culture, ethics, and the embodiment of their ten core principles.

Best-selling author, Kim Stanley Robinson, highlights the Mondragón Cooperatives in his latest book, The Ministry for the Future, as one of the most important models to learn from in changing human relationships, economics, and culture. If you have his book, read Chapter 58 where he waxes laudatory about Mondragón.

We guarantee that this week will change your life by demonstrating what humanity is capable of achieving — and, maintaining! — in peace and solidarity. Your sense of “the possible” will be expanded.

Praxis Peace Institute has established a special relationship with the Mondragón Cooperatives and is a proud educator of cooperatives and the ethics and values of cooperatives. We believe cooperatives are an excellent example of a sustainable and socially just economic business model for the 21st century.

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For Details and Questions: e-mail: [email protected]  

In 2022, Praxis will organize its eleventh 5-day workshop/seminar at the Mondragón Cooperatives in the Basque Country of Spain. The purpose of the seminar is to learn about worker owned businesses from the leading consortium of cooperatives in the world.

Basic Cooperative Principles conf
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Founded by a Basque Catholic priest, Father José María Arizmendiarrieta, in the 1950s, the cooperatives began with one small worker-owned business. Today, with 103 businesses and nearly 80,000 worker-owners, the Mondragón Cooperatives comprise the largest consortium of worker-owners in the world.

Mondragón is a highly successful cooperative model with over 60 years of proven success. They have established research centers, bank and credit unions, a university with several campuses, youth cooperatives, a culinary arts university, and small to large businesses. In June 2007, the Educational Director of the Mondragon Cooperatives, Mikel Lezamiz, spoke at the Praxis Peace Institute conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Due to the interest generated at that conference, we decided to collaborate with Mondragon in offering an in-depth educational opportunity for those who want more information on how to create cooperatives in their businesses and communities, and how to incorporate the ethics that support cooperative ventures.

Why Attend This Seminar:

This program is a unique opportunity to learn cooperative models of business organization and to see first hand how they work over a long period of time. It is also an opportunity to experience the values, culture, and ethics that support cooperatives. Social justice, sustainable environmental practices, and empathic relations are the bedrock of this extraordinary network of cooperatives. With a core principle of Social Transformation, Mondragón is an ever-evolving culture and work environment.

Presentations include
The history, culture, and ethics of the Mondragón Cooperatives, Mondragón's corporate management and training models, the cooperative incubation center and how it functions in creating and developing new products and services, Research and Development at Mondragon (the largest R & D complex in all of Europe, with 15 separate entities), the role of Laboral Kutxa  the Mondragón Cooperatives' bank and credit union (formerly Caja Laboral), Mondragón's projects in developing countries, and Democracy at Mondragón - how the cooperatives are organized. We will learn about their Social systems and Social Councils, and we will have plenty of time for questions in all sessions. We also spend time with students and faculty at Mondragón University and learn about their TeamAcademy degree programs in Teampreneurship and meet with an American professor who has taught at Mondragón University for more than 25 years and will answer remaining questions at the end of the week.

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Visits include
SAIOLAN, an incubation center for new products and services; EROSKI, one of the largest supermarket chains in Spain; Mondragón University, the education center where the cooperative movement began. We will also learn about the TeamAcademy graduate program (cooperative business and teampreneurship) and meet with students and directors of this program. We will visit the Basque Culinary Centre (the newest Mondragón Univeristy campus), a Research & Development center, and the Basque Parliament for a session with the Director of the Basque Department of Coexistence and Human Rights. We will spend a whole day at Mondragón University's lovely new campus in Onati (a beautiful medieval town near Mondragón).

Excursions                                                                                                                                                                                                Visit and enjoy tapas at the Basque Culinary Center in the beautiful coastal city of San Sebastian. We will have time to visit this lovely city and its Old Town after a tour of the center. We visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (designed by Frank Gehry and built by a Mondragón construction cooperative), and have an excursion to Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country.                                                                         
Accommodations All participants will stay at the Hotel Mondragón for 6 nights. Hotel and daily breakfast and lunch (main meal) will be included in the seminar price. Wireless Internet access is available in all hotel and seminar meeting rooms.

Scholarships  -  We hope to award at least one scholarship, but we cannot guarantee this. 

Included in Conference Price: Seminar fee, six nights accommodations at our hotel, daily full breakfast and main meal, all excursions, transfers to and from the Bilbao Airport and our hotel in Mondragón. Airfare not included, but our agent gets great prices and coordinates our travel schedules. Upon registration (with a $800 deposit), you will receive our travel agent's contact information. They are scheduling our arrivals and departures as close as possible so that most of us will be able to take our bus to and from airport and hotel. Our travel agent can also handle any additional excursions you wish to make before or after this seminar. If you have your own agent or are using miles, we will give you the time frames for arrival and departure as soon as you pay a deposit.

Pre and Post Seminar Travel - We can arrange to meet or travel together before and after the seminar. Madrid and/or Bilbao are great destinations prior to the seminar, and two nights in Bilbao prior to the seminar is usual for many groups.

The Mondragón Report hard copy is available in a spiral bound book for $20. You can order by Clicking Here. Or, you can download the free pdf below.

Mondragon Report

Carl Davidson's Blog from Mondragon 2010

Georgia Kelly's Huffington Post Article on Mondragon

Click here for Georgia Kelly video on Mondragon

Registration - A minimum deposit of $800 reserves your space. You can also pay more at any time up to the balance due date.

Balances can be paid in increments, but total amount will be due by August 26, 2024.

Group balances are due no later than August 1, 2024.

If you are registering after August 6, 2024, all money is due upon registration. In some cases, we are able to find a roommate if you wish one, but early registrants will have first priority and the best possibility of securing a roommate. For the best experience for all participants and consideration of others, we advise people who snore to not request a roommate.

Shared Accommodations - $3,000 per person
Single Accommodations   - $3,500

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Cancellation Policy for 2024
Full Refund up to June 10, 2024.
70% Refund between June 11 and July 10, 2024.
50% Refund between July 11 and August 6, 2024.
No Refund - from August 6, 2024.
All refunds include a $100 processing fee if paid by check or $150 if paid with credit card. For $800 Deposits, a $50 processing fee is subtracted from refunds. Group payments will be handled separately.