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Praxis Peace Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit peace education organization...

* To promote world and community peace through education and informed action.

* To identify the systemic problems that generate and maintain war and violence and to offer creative solutions to these problems.

* To support sustainable economics, social justice, non-violence, gender balance, and dynamic peacebuilding in local and global communities.

* To link spiritual perspectives and practice to informed civic responsibility.

* To provide tools for managing conflict in personal and work relationships and to build foundations for respectfully dealing with differences.

* To explore the shadow side of peace and peacebuilding, such as scapegoating, projection, and denial and to offer solutions to these problems.

* To explore gender roles, historical cycles, and addictive personal and social behaviors in their relationship to peace and peacebuilding.

* To examine beliefs and values and their impact on war and peace.

* To promote leadership in personal and social transformation in community and civic roles and to promote greater civic participation.

* To encourage imagination, visioning, and thinking "outside the box" ---- recognizing that "creative imagination" is different from innovation and "conditioned imagination."

* To promote inquiry, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, creative thinking, coalition building, and the manifestation of sustainable lifestyles in a world without war.

Praxis Peace Institute offers forums, workshops, and local and international conferences to address the above issues and challenges. These events bring together leading facilitators and thinkers in the areas of conflict resolution, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, politics, history, philosophy, religion, gender studies, and the arts and sciences. The purpose is to produce in-depth examinations of the above-listed topics and to examine and promote the means of resolving conflicts, respecting difference, and forging paths to a peaceful and sustainable world. The ultimate goal is to make peacebuilding available to everyone ---- through education, media support, and community workshops.

Praxis Peace Institute recognizes that peace can only be achieved when there is social and economic justice, responsible civic participation, environmental sustainability, and the desire to transform the systems that support war.

Praxis Peace Institute is dedicated to building coalitions with like-minded organizations, sharing research information, and cooperatively forging sustainable and respectful civil societies.




Praxis Peace Institute
P.O. Box 523
Sonoma, CA 95476


Email: [email protected]


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Praxis Peace Institute
P.O. Box 523, Sonoma, CA 95476
Email: [email protected]

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