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Dubrovnik Conference 2002

"The Alchemy of Peacebuilding"
June 4 - 11, 2002
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sponsored by Praxis Peace Institute
Co-sponsors: The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Fetzer Institute,
DESA (Dubrovnik, Croatia), FRACTAL (Belgrade, Yugoslavia), and others.

Preparation For The Dubrovnik Conference

Post-Conference Letter from Director

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Speech

Photos from the Dubrovnik Conference

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Suggested Reading

Praxis Peace Institute is dedicated to reawakening the imaginative function, inspiring and teaching spiritually-informed leadership, and manifesting personal and social transformation.

Conference Objectives:

  • To provide an environment for deep inquiry, whole systems analysis, and imaginative problem solving; 
  • To explore the contexts of war and peace in the areas of Gender, Economics, Propaganda, Shadow Projection, Beliefs, Spirituality, Historical Cycles, and Cultural Transformation 
  • To nurture and inspire spiritually-informed leadership 
  • To define and promote a "New Activism" that links spiritual consciousness and empathy with responsible citizenship 
  • Acquire tools for personal and social transformation 
  • Integrate the lessons of history in a whole systems context 
  • Form international study and research groups 
  • Build relationships across cultures, with the intent of supporting personal and social transformations

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