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The PDF attached here is the complete program for the Dubrovnik Conference, "Transforming Culture: From Empire to Global Community." Times are subject to change, but this is the general conference plan. Additional program-related information is also printed in the program. Every conference participant will receive a printed program in their Registration packets. We regret to inform participants that George Lakoff will not be able to be with us in Dubrovnik.

Conference focus areas:

Culture and Mythos

Praxis Peace Institute has conducted a 2-year series on culture and mythos. We have explored the depths of cultural roots, belief systems, and social cyclic patterns.
At the Dubrovnik Conference, we will take another look at the role of culture in our lives by examining the belief systems and patterns that often predetermine outcome. How do we create a cultural intervention that breaks the trance and prevents the automatic response from reverting to default mode? What does systemic change require? What do we need to know? What do we need to do?

In the culture and mythos series, we also tracked the emerging stories that offer guiding principles for partnership, hope, and wisdom. Presenters and some participants will offer their stories and experiences. In small group sessions, participants will work with both the pitfalls and the possibilities, the demons and the angels, the cynic and the empowered citizen.

What is Transforming Culture Today?

In spite of the lack of transformative stories in our media, there are numerous projects that are transforming culture right now. Learning about these projects is not only empowering but it offers "how-to" instruction. Since the 2007 Praxis conference will be held in Europe, we will highlight some of the most advanced examples of cultural transformation and sustainability that are being practiced and developed in Europe today. From the Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain to alternative energy in Denmark, we will showcase projects that demonstrate seventh-generation, life-affirming values. Other areas showcased include education, healthcare, gender and ethnic relations, sustainable businesess models, and multi-party democracies.

Conflict Transformation and Respectful Communication

The Praxis Conference will offer a day-long workshop in Conflict Transformation for all conference participants. This workshop will be led by internationally-acclaimed peace negotiator and peace studies professor, Johan Galtung, Ph.D. Dr. Galtung founded the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway and co-founded the Peace University in Austria. Galtung deals with the personal and social aspects of peacebuilding, the positive and negative types of peace, the role of structural violence in preventing peace, and he teaches Peace by Peaceful means. In being the change we wish to create, this workshop offers a foundation and tools for systemic change --- both personally and socially --- and will provide a framework for the conference presentations and meetings.

Cafe Discussion Groups

In June 2000, Praxis created the idea of cafe discussion groups as a way to deepen the experience and share ideas. Since it is a tradition in the Balkans to have lengthy, meaningful discussions in outdoor cafes, we happily adopted the custom of our conference location. Our small groups meet in actual cafe settings, so serious ideas, shared stories, or collaborative projects are stimulated by cappuccinos, teas, juices, or even ice cream and cake.

Co-sponsors of the Dubrovnik Conference:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
New College of California
YES! Magazine
DESA (Dubrovnik)
The Institute of Imaginal Studies
What is Enlightenment? Magazine
Quantum Seminars (Denmark)
Adriatic Sunshine Travel
And others

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