Day Excursion

At the 2007 the Praxis Conference we will spend one day and evening in the walled city of Dubrovnik, a once-thriving city-state. There will be time for a guided city tour or a hike up and around the walls above the city streets and Adriatic Sea. Or, you may choose to poke around the shops, churches, museums, and open-air market on your own. We will have an optional visit to the headquarters and handcrafts shop of DESA, our Dubrovnik co-sponsor. In the evening, there will be a spectacular concert performed by the Dubrovnik Chamber Orchestra in the atrium of the Rector's Palace.

Pre and Post Conference Excursions

Excursions will be offered by Adriatic Sunshine Travel before and after the conference. A list of these trips are posted on their website: 

Many of these excursions begin or end just before or after our conference. Complete itineraries and dates are posted on Adriatic Sunshine Travel's website.

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