RSF Social Finance

For twenty-five years, RSF Social Finance has been devoted to building the emerging field of social finance through investing, lending, and giving. RSF has been an innovator of new approaches in working with money that foster social and spiritual renewal. With the long-term view of transforming the way the world works with money, RSF funds social enterprises and other public benefit initiatives, and collaborates with othr financial organizations and institutions to understand money and financial transactions in a new way that is direct, transparent, and personal.

Over the last six years, RSF has been developing the Transforming Money Network, which includes those working across the full spectrum of financial approaches, from private equity to complementary currencies. Several groups and initiatives have developed as a result of this Network including: The Sequoia Principles for Transforming Money; the Fund for Complementary Currencies; Money, Race, and Class Conversations; and, Intuition and Money gatherings.

RSF's Fund for Complementary Currencies is committed to fostering replicable pilot projects in new forms of currencies, including BerkShares, TimeBanks, and GETS (Global Exchange Trade System), and to furthering research and innovation in the means of economic exchange.

Praxis Peace Institute

Since its founding in 2001, Praxis Peace Institute has produced cutting-edge programs that address the most relevant social challenges of our time. These areas have included workshops in communication and conflict transformation, inquiries into the effects of culture and propaganda, conferences on participatory democracy and peacebuilding, and an invitational conference on solutions to species' extinctions.

In bringing together leading educators, researches, activists, and elected representatives, Praxis Peace Institute has established itself as a vehicle for deep inquiry, practical workshops, and civic education. Our goal is to understand the failed mechanisms of the old systems in order to avoid repetition, and to nurture the visions and alternative structures that support the evolution of systemimc peace, social justice, and responsible stewardship of our planet.

In collaborating with RSF Social Finance for our 5th conference, The Economics of Peace, we have an opportunity to reach many more people and organizations and to help network existing organizations. Our goal is to help transform an ailing economy into economic relationships that serve the well-being of all living creatures and our planet.


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