Dubrovnik Conference 2002

Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 4th - 11th, 2002

Sponsored by Praxis Peace Institute
Co-sponsored by The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)


Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), has drafted a bill to create a Department of Peace in the U.S. government (HR 2459). A radical departure from band-aid approaches to peacebuilding, this bill addresses underlying causes of war and violence and proposes structural changes in our institutions and in our lives. A complete text of this bill and other speeches by Rep. Kucinich are available on his webiste: www.house.gov/kucinich

Rep. Kucinich is chairman of the congressional Progressive Caucus, has promoted a national health care system, preservation of the ABM treaty, and has been a long-time advocate for human rights. He marched with workers through the streets of Seattle protesting the WTO's policies. He has been a champion of clean air, clean water and sustainable technologies. Rep. Kucinich has called for the labeling of genetically-engineered foods and in his commitment to sustainability has become a vegan. Congressman Kucinich views politics as service.

Zarko Puhovski, Ph.D - Head of Amnesty International and Helsinki Watch in Croatia. Dr. Puhovski is a professor of philosophy and head of the Peace Studies Department at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He lectures in philosophy and peace studies throughout Europe. He was co-founder of the first alternative political movement in the former Yugoslavia (1988), and took part in mediations and negotiations throughout the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Vesna Pusic, Ph.D - Outstanding, progressive member of Croatia's parliament and president of the Croatian People's Party. She holds a Ph.d in sociology, focusing on workers' interests and the sociology of politics. In 1978, Dr. Pusic initiated the first feminist organization in post WW II Yugoslavia, and was elected to Croatia's parliament in early 2000. She is a professor at the University of Zagreb and has been a guest lecturer at M.I.T., Georgetown University, Cornell University and the University of Chicago. She has published books in Croatia and England and is the author of numerous scientific and professional articles in domestic and international journals.

Dubrovnik Conference Artists-in-Residence:

Sandra Simich is a pianist from Dubrovnik, Croatia, who now resides in California. She graduated from the Music Conservatory in Montenegro and continued her music studies with Carlo Bussotti at San Francisco State University. Ms. Simich gives frequent concerts as a recitalist and chamber musician, and has given performances to benefit Red Cross relief efforts in the Balkans. Sandra teaches piano privately and is a faculty member at the San Domenico School for girls in Marin County. Sandra will present a concert during the conference and perform at some of our plenary sessions.

Lin Evola In 1992, Lin Evola was inspired to create a project utilizing art as a vehicle for evolutionary change. By researching many cultures and religions, she was able to note common reasons for war and peace. Ms. Evola decided to transpose war into peaceful images. This unique combination of process orientation and conceptual art led to the creation of the Peace Angels Project and the formation of a non-profit organization. In the Peace Angels Project, Ms. Evola sculpts peace angels from the melted weapons of war.

Lin Evola received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in California. She has had solo exhibitions of her paintings and sculptures in museums and galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, and San Francisco.


Hafsat Abiola, Director of KIND, a Nigerian/U.S. NGO that works to empower youth and women in Nigeria. Hafsat is a Fetzer fellow, a board member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and a 1997 Harvard graduate.

Sherry Anderson, Co-author with Paul Ray of "The Cultural Creatives," and co-author of "The Feminine Face of God." She was an associate professor at the University of Toronto and head of psychological research at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. She is the author of numerous articles in psychology. Website: www.culturalcreatives.org

Angeles Arrien is an anthropologist, educator, award-winning author and corporate consultant. She is author of "The Four-Fold Way," Signs of Life, and "The Nine Muses." She teaches universal components of leadership skills and communication. Her work with multi-cultural issues and conflict resolution has been used with the International Human Rights Commission. She is founder and president of the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. Website: www.angelesarrien.org

Chris Bache is Director of Transformative Learning at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and was a professor of religious studies at Youngstown State University in Ohio. He is a philosopher, award-winning teacher, and author of "Dark Night, Early Dawn." He has been a professor of religious studies for 20 years and is on the faculty of the California Institute of integral Studies. His work explores the philosophical implications of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Website: www.noetic.org

Kujtesa Bejtullahu, a native of Pristena, Kosovo, is active with the PostPessimists, a Balkan youth peace organization. Her award-winning e-mail correspondence known as "E-mails from Kosova," aired on CNN, NPR, PBS, NBC, and radio. Kujtesa directed the "Children, our Future" project in Kosovo in 1999, is a member of the advisory board of Balkan Youth Link, and received an award for courage in journalism by the International Women's Media Foundation. Currently, Kujtesa is Project Coordinator for Youth Leadership Link, a Balkan summer camp, and is a student at Stanford University.

Berta Dragicevic Berta Dragicevic is the former Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik and Executive Secretary of the Inter-University Centar in Dubrovnik, a unique educatoinal organization that offers seminars with leading academics and specialists from all over the world. She has been a member of Dubrovnik's City Council since 1993, and is the descendent of family members who were on Dubrovnik's City Council in the 13th century.

Molly Dwyer is Program Director of the Shavano Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She is a writer and educator and holds MA degrees in psychology and English Literature. Molly won the 1999 Vickers Award of the International Society for Systems Sciences for her paper, "The Emergent Feminine." She is on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies and is co-author of the book, "Gender Reconciliation." Website: www.Shavano.org

Riane Eisler is best-known for her international best-seller, "The Chalice and the Blade." Ashley Montagu described this work as the most important book since Darwin's "Origin of the Species." She is President of the Center for Partnership Studies, has taught at the University of California in LA, and is a fellow at the World Academy of Art and Science. Dr. Eisler was recently honored as the only woman among twenty great thinkers featured in "Macrohistory and Macrohistorians," in recognition of the lasting importance of her work. She has also done pioneering work in human rights and serves on many boards and advisory councils. Riane, who has written several other seminal books, is one of the most original and inspiring thinkers of our time. Website: www.partnershipway.org

Sam Keen has been a professor of philosophy and religion, was a contributing editor of Psychology Today, and author and co-producer of the award-winning PBS documentary, "Faces of the Enemy." His books include the best-selling "Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man," "Learning to Fly," and "Faces of the Enemy." His work was the subject of a 60-Minute PBS special with Bill Moyers. Sam regularly practices the flying trapeze. Website: www.samkeen.org

Will Keepin is president of Shavano Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Trained in mathematical physics and transpersonal psychology, he was a research scholar at Princeton University, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Energy Foundation. His work on sustainable energy policy was influential in several countries. Inspired from difficulties in social activist work, he and partner Molly Dwyer have developed "Gender Reconciliation," an experiential workshop for all who are committed to transforming gender disharmony in our culture. He is co-author of "Gender Reconciliation." Website: www.shavano.org

Georgia Kelly is a harpist, composer, writer, and political and social activist. She has released more than a dozen CDs of her music in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and has provided music for medical centers and clinics. She is also active in the California Green Party and has chaired local political campaigns and educational forums. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Praxis Peace Institute and is the Director of the Dubrovnik Peacebuilding conferences.

David Loye is a social psychologist, systems-theorist, and futurist. He is the author of widely respected books on the use of the brain and mind in prediction, political leadership, race relations, and is the developer of new theories of moral sensitivity and evolution. He has been on the faculties of Princeton University and UCLA School of Medicine. His book, "The Healing of a Nation" received the Anisfield-Wolfe award for the best scholarly book on race relations in 1971. In recent years, he has focused primarily on the scientific study of moral sensitivity. Website: www.partershipway.org

Filip Pavlovic is Project Coordinator of "EU-Serbia From Exclusion to Integration," Project Coordinator of "Confidence Building Measures: Serbia-Kosovo," and Editor-in-Chief of "Kulturtreger" magazine. Filip was a scholarship participant in the first Dubrovnik Peacebuilding conference (June 2000). He lives in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Paul Ray is a sociologist and co-author of "The Cultural Creatives." He is a founding partner of Integral Partnerships, a consulting firm that works with business and non-profit groups and is the vice president of American LIVES, Inc., a market research firm. He was an associate professor at the University of Michigan and has headed more than one hundred major research and consulting projects. He has published numerous articles on values and social change. Website: www.culturalcreatives.org

Aqeela Sherrills is Executive Director of the Community Self-Determination Institute in Watts, California. After losing 13 of his friends in the gang wars of LA, Aqeela and former football star, Jim Brown, brought the neighborhood gangs together in a "Peace Treaty" between the Crips and the Bloods - a treaty that has held ever since. Jim and Aqeela founded Amer-I-Can to carry on community development work. Amer-I-Can is in 12 states, providing training in prisons, schools, and communities.

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