Dubrovnik Conference 2002

Post-Conference Letter from Director
Dubrovnik 2002 conference, "The Alchemy of Peacebuilding"
June 4-11, 2002

August 17, 2002

Dear Peacemakers,

Three weeks ago I returned from the magnificent Adriatic coast where I stayed for two months after the conference. I rented an apartment high on a hill above the old walled city of Dubrovnik. The view was magnificent and the climb back from town was my daily workout. So, I have returned to Sonoma with strengthened leg muscles. But I have also returned with a stronger sense of what it will take to create real peace in the world. The vision is humbling and daunting, but because there are so many of us, I believe it is possible to attain a more peaceful world in our lifetimes.

I have spoken to many people since the conference and have read through all the evaluation forms. Most participants have praised the speakers and the sequencing of presentations. The gradual connecting of information presented a body of learning that built upon each presentation. Good suggestions included restructuring the cafe groups, more workshop formats, and a complete list and bios of all participants to be included in the registration packets.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D. Ohio) and the lengthy question and answer period that followed. Our participants asked probing and critically-relevant questions. Video and audio tapes of this session and most of the other presentations are available through Conference Recording Services.

Richard Page and Paloma Pavel of Conference Recording Services did a magnificent job of capturing the conference on tape. They made video and audio cassettes of all the presentations (see order form below). They also did short interviews with some participants and all of the speakers. The latter will be edited into a special Praxis Peace Institute video.

The speakers and participants of the Dubrovnik Conference 2002 are socially committed, thoughtful, spiritually connected and receptive to new ideas. The information we shared seems to have inspired many of us to further action, continued study, and linking with other people and organizations. Our reading list will expand this fall, incorporating many of the suggestions from our participants. Study groups and study-action groups will also be forming this fall.

We have tentatively booked the same hotel in Dubrovnik for a third peacebuilding conference June 14 - 21, 2004. On our evaluation forms, the largest number of people indicated that they would return to Dubrovnik for a next-step conference. We will be examining ideas for a new conference structure over the next year. The later dates are to make participation easier for teachers and students.

A full report on the Dubrovnik Conference 2002 will be on our website in the fall.

To all those who participated in the Dubrovnik Conferences 2000 and 2002, I am deeply grateful for your support, ideas, and inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you and others who are interested in systemic peacebuilding.

In Peace,
Georgia Kelly

Video and Audio Tapes available from Conference Recording Service:
Unless otherwise marked, audio cassettes are $10. and video cassettes are $40.00.

Sessions available:

1. Opening Program
Music by Nadja Halilbegovic (young singer and author from Bosnia) Invocation by Angeles Arrien Historical sketch of Dubrovnik as a city of peace by Berta Dragicevic Conference Purpose and Overview by Director Georgia Kelly

2. Angeles Arrien - Essential Peace Practices (this is a 5-hour workshop). Audio tapes are $30.00; Video tapes are $90.00

3. Lessons from War; Lessons from Peacebuilding - Presentation by the Youth Forum and moderated by Levana Saxon and Filip Pavlovic. Speakers include: Aqeela Sherrills (Watts), Jejuna Johnson (Watts), Ereblir Kadriu (Kosovo), Igor Gostev (Croatia), Filip Pavlovic (Serbia), Nadja Halilbegovic (Bosnia), and Erion Veliaj (Albania). This is a 3-hour session - audio tapes are $20.00 - video tapes are $60.00.

4. Riane Eisler - "Partnership and Dominator Model in Systemic Terms"

5. Sam Keen - "The Enemy Face to Face" - 2 audio tapes are $20.00; 2 video tapes are $60.00

6. Will Keepin ad Molly Dwyer - "The Alchemy of Gender Reconciliation" (Confidential witnessing exercise omitted)

7. Riane Eisler and David Loye - "Gender and Cultural Transformation"

8. Paul Ray - "The New Political Compass: Good News for the Peace Movement"

9. Larry Robinson - "Politics as Spiritual Practice"

10. Vesna Pusic (Member of Croatian Parliament) and Zarko Puhovski (president of Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights).

11. Chris Bache - "What if we Fail? Exploring the Deep Structure of War and Hate"

12.Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Special Keynote Address and Excellent Question and Answer session.

13. Economic Forum:

a) Bernard Lietaer - "Money: Its Role in War and Peace" And
b) Patrice Flynn - "Global Capitalism: 21st Century Style" - unfortunately, tapes of this session are not available. Excerpts will appear in a later Praxis newsletter.

14. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra - the sound quality is not even or particularly good. This tape is offered more as a souvenir and reminder of the beautiful music we experienced at the conference. CD is $15.00; Video is $30.00

A complete set of all 20 video tapes are offered for $500.00



You may order from Conference Recording Service, 1308 Gilman St., Berkeley, CA 94706
You can order by FAX: 510-527-8404, or Tel: 510-527-3600. Or, you can e-mail an your order through their website: www.ConferenceRecording.com. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for duplication and delivery. Specify that this order is for "The Alchemy of Peacebuilding" conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 2002.

For CA orders, please include 8.2% sales tax., and for shipping/handling, include $2.00 per audio tape and $4.00 per video tape.

From Praxis Peace Institute:

A packet of the five (5) newsletters, The Praxis Axis that was produced before, during, and after the conference is available from Praxis Peace Institute. For non-participants of the Dubrovnik Conference 2002, the cost is $12.00, including postage. Conference Participants will receive the 5th newsletter for free through the mail in October and still have the opportunity to receive back issues for free.


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