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Why Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik has a long history of tolerance and freedom. Outlawing slavery in 1416, long before any other European state, Dubrovnik also managed to avoid the travails of war. Deciding that a monarchy or long-term presidency would threaten their peace, Dubrovnik's City Council elected the city Rector for a term of only one month. Proficient in the ways of diplomacy and intent on long-term stability, Dubrovnik's City Council maintained peace and well being in their city-state for nearly six hundred years!

Dubrovnik offered refuge from religious persecution and signs of its diversity are still visible in the Old City of Dubrovnik. In addition to numerous Catholic churches for the predominantly Croat population, there is also a Serbian Orthodox Church, an Islamic temple, and a Jewish synagogue. Nearly 1000 years of recorded history exist within these walls. Since 1219, the political, cultural, and legal activities in Dubrovnik have been preserved in the city archives.

Our Conference Site

While we will spend one full day within Dubrovnik's Old City walls, our actual conference site is 9 miles south of Dubrovnik, in the lovely village of Cavtat (pronounced Tsoftot). Cavtat is located 3.5 miles from the Dubrovnik Airport (we are providing shuttle service to the hotel).

Cavtat is the ancient city of Epidaurum, founded by Greek seafarers in the 4th century B.C. It was named, along with several other cities of that period, after the healing sanctuary of Asclepius in Peloponnesus. In 1427, Cavtat passed under the jurisdiction of the Dubrovnik city-state. Cavtat remains part of Dubrovnik-Neretva County today.

A string of cafes, locally-owned boutiques, and restaurants line the horseshoe-shaped bay that is Cavtat's main street. Most participants at last year's conference ate lunch every day in one of these very reasonably priced restaurants. Since all the restaurants have abundant outdoor seating and are situated next door to each other, this is an excellent time for networking.

Frequent boat service to the Old City of Dubrovnik is available, and sailing time is about 20 minutes. Bus service to Dubrovnik is available every half-hour.

The Hotel Croatia

The Hotel Croatia belongs to the masterpieces of modern architecture. Its unique design has incorporated all the amenities of a modern five-star hotel in a magnificent setting of natural beauty. Recently renovated (1997) and fully air-conditioned, the Hotel Croatia is a complete conference center. Situated amidst the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation of the Sustjepan peninsula, the hotel is surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. The world famous walled city of Dubrovnik is visible from most hotel balconies.

Newly decorated rooms feature two double beds, satellite TV, direct phone lines, data ports, writing desks, mini-bars, hair dryers, excellent air-conditioning, ample closet and shelf space, and furnished balconies with sea or park views. Earliest registrants will have the best opportunity to book sea view rooms. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel are included in the conference package. The hotel always offers a vegetarian entree and has hosted European vegetarian conferences.

Safety of Area

There has been no war within Croatia's borders since 1995, and all areas of Croatia are safe. Croatian voters replaced the nationalist government in January 2000, and today the parliament is composed primarily of Social Democrats and the Liberal Party.

In 1999, Lonely Planet published a travel book on Croatia. I recommend it to everyone who is considering coming to our conference or who has already registered. It is especially useful for people planning to tour more of Croatia. The caption on the cover says it all: "Get in before the crowds return"! This is your chance to see a magnificent coast before it is overrun by tourists again. We have a brief moment in time to experience Dubrovnik at its most beautiful. Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Lonely Planet: Tel: 800-275-8555, Fax: 800-893-8572; e-mail: infor@lonelyplanet.com

Climate and Cuisine

The Dubrovnik region enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Temperatures in June range between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The air is dry and nights are balmy. Date-laden palms, colorful vines of bougainvillea, pine and cypress trees, and a wide variety of vegetation are characteristic of the Dubrovnik region. The Adriatic Sea, which is warm in summer months, is clear and unpolluted --- fabulous for swimming, boating and wind surfing!

Open-air markets feature fresh fruits and vegetables as well as locally made gift items. Superb Dalmatian fish is available in all local restaurants. Zubatac (pronounced Zubatots) and calamari are especially delectable. Italian food is popular on the coast and many small restaurants serve pizza, salads and pasta. Local restaurant prices range from inexpensive to moderate. Croatia specializes in luscious pastries. Outdoors cafes are an institution.

What to Bring

Bring summer clothes, sandals, walking shoes, a sun hat, swimsuit and sunscreen. Bring an umbrella, especially if you are also traveling to destinations in central Europe. And, if you forget any of the basics like toothpaste, shavers, sunscreen, etc., they are available in the hotel gift shop. Please note that Croatia is a modern European country. It is NOT a third world country. You can drink the water --- though excellent Croatian bottled water is also available and will be supplied in your mini-bar fridge every day. The lifestyle is relaxed, but locals dress well in business settings and for concerts and church services


Unless you are stopping in other Croatian cities before the conference, you will not need to change money before reaching your destination, the Hotel Croatia. The monetary unit is the Kuna. You can exchange money in airports, banks, post offices and in hotels. It is not advisable to change U.S. dollars or other foreign currency into Kuna before arriving in Croatia.

Travelers' checks can be a hassle in Croatia. It is easier to use cash, ATM cards, and credit cards. Since crime in Croatia is minimal, one does not need to worry about theft.

More information will be added to this page as we receive your queries. You can e-mail us at praxispeace@aol.com

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